Earth Prediction Innovation Center


January 2020

Can A ‘Crowdsourcing’ Approach Make The American Weather Model Best In The World?
Marshall Shepherd

How’s the weather? It could be EPIC
Antonio J. Busalacchi and Kerry Emanuel
Boston Globe

December 2019

More accurate weather forecasting helps agriculture
U.S. Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS)
member of the House Agriculture Committee
High Plains Journal

Spending Deal Buoys Science Agency Budgets
American Institute of Physics

November 2019
Weather is turning into big business. And that could be trouble for the public.
Andrew Freedman
Washington Post

Progress in predictions: With over 40 years of snow forecasting, he wrote the book on East Coast storms
Jason Samenow
Washington Post

Autumn 2019

Lead Story: An Overview of the Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC)
Developmental Testbed Center


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