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Fiscal YearProject TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)Principal Investigator AffiliationProject Start DateProject End DateTotal Allocation
JTTI FY16Improving probabilistic forecasts of extreme rainfall through intelligent processing of high-resolution ensemble predictionsRuss SchumacherColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2019$223,420.00
JTTI FY16Implementation of Advanced Multi-Sensor Analysis and Data Fusion Algorithms for Real-Time High-Resolution Quantitative Precipitation EstimationDong-Jun Seo & Lin TangThe University of Texas at Arlington & The University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2019$385,988.00
JTTI FY16Assessing the impact of assimilating ground-based infrared radiometer data into convective-scale numerical weather prediction modelsTimothy WagnerUniversity of Wisconsin - Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies10/1/20163/31/2020$342,157.00
JTTI FY16Development and Implementation of Probabilistic Hail Forecast Products using Multi-Moment Microphysics and Machine Learning AlgorithmsNathan SnookThe University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2019$335,084.00
JTTI FY16Improving Hydrologic Observing Capabilities with Stream RadarsDaniel Wasielewski & Humberto Vergera-ArrietaCooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20169/30/2019$591,902.00
JTTI FY16Quantifying Stochastic Forcing at Convective ScalesDavid RandallColorado State University10/1/20169/30/2019$366,470.00
JTTI FY16Development of NWS convective scale ensemble forecasting capability through improving GSI-based hybrid ensemble-variational data assimilation and evaluating the multi-dynamic core approachXuguang WangThe University of Oklahoma10/1/20169/30/2020$449,205.00
JTTI FY16Accounting for non-Gaussianity in the background error distributions associated with cloud-related variables (microwave radiances and hydrometeors) in hybrid data assimilation for convective-scale predictionKarina ApodacaColorado State University10/1/20163/31/2020$304,677.00
JTTI FY16Demonstration of an Airborne Hyperspectral and Thermal Imaging System to Assess Convective Lifted IndexSteven BrooksThe University of Tennessee10/1/20169/30/2018$365,590.00
JTTI FY16Assimilation of Remote Sensing Observations into Convective-scale NWP to Improve 0-6 h Probabilistic Forecasts of High Impact WeatherNusrat YussoufCooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20169/30/2019$426,949.00
JTTI FY16Assimilation of Lake and Reservoir Levels into the WRF-Hydro National Water Model to Improve Operational Hydrologic PredictionsDavid Gochism, Allen Burton & Lynn Johnson*University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; *Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) & *Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere10/1/20169/30/2019$494,991.00
JTTI FY16Operationalizing an Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI) service for drought monitoring and early warning across CONUSRobert Webb, Roger Pulwarty & Michael Hobbins*NOAA/ESRL/PSD; *NOAA/ESRL/PSD & National Integrated Drought Information Systems; *University of Colorado and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences7/1/20166/30/2019$890,730.00
JTTI FY16Upgrades and Improvements to MRMSKenneth Howard & Jennifer Guillot*NOAA/OAR/NSSL; *NOAA/NWS8/1/20167/31/2019$1,774,063.00
JTTI FY17Probabilistic precipitation rate estimates from ground-radar for hydrologyPierre-Emmanuel KirstetterUniversity of Oklahoma8/1/20177/31/2020$387,220.00
JTTI FY17Assessing the Impact of Stochastic Cloud Microphysics in Convection-Resolving Models Using GOES-R Satellite ObservationsJason Otkin, Gregory Thompson & Fanyou Kong*University of Wisconsin-Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *University of Oklahoma8/1/20177/31/2020$544,581.00
JTTI FY17Implementation of streamflow data assimilator for the National Water Model to improve water prediction and analysisSeongjin Noh & James McCreight*University of Texas - Arlington; *National Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20177/31/2019$248,994.00
JTTI FY17Use of the Stochastic-dynamic Approach in a Single Dynamic-Core Storm-Scale Ensemble for Improved Spread and Reliability of QPF and Surface VariablesIsidora Jankov, Judith Berner & Joseph Olson*Colorado State University-Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences8/1/20177/31/2020$542,318.00
JTTI FY17Implementation of Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Dual-Polarization Radar Synthetic QPEStephen CocksUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies8/1/20177/31/2020$343,377.00
JTTI FY17Forecast system development activities toward a convective-scale HRRR ensembleGlen RomineNational Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20177/31/2020$530,134.00
JTTI FY17Multi-Sensor Merged Quantitative Precipitation Estimations for Improved Precipitation Coverage and AccuracySteven MartinaitisUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies8/1/20177/31/2020$276,456.00
JTTI FY17Implementation of Nested Hyper-Resolution Modeling with Data Assimilation for the National Water ModelDong-Jun SeoUniversity of Texas - Arlington8/1/20177/31/2020$281,790.00
JTTI FY17Improvement of WRF-Hydro National Water Model architecture and calibration methods for semi-arid environments with complex terrainChristopher CastroUniversity of Arizona8/1/20177/31/2020$367,453.00
JTTI FY17Implementation of a three-dimensional hydrometeor classification algorithm within the Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor systemHeather ReevesUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies8/1/20177/31/2020$358,207.00
JTTI FY17FACETs: Developing operationally-ready Hazard Services-Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) for convective hazardsTracy Hansen & Kevin ManrossNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD11/1/201710/31/2021$2,241,355.00
JTTI FY17Forecast Guidance for Aviation Tactical Operations and Strategic Planning over AlaskaJudy GhirardelliNOAA/NWS/STI/DFSB11/1/201710/31/2020$1,105,000.00
JTTI FY17INSITE: Integrated Support for Impacted air Traffic EnvironmentsJoshua ScheckNOAA/NWS/NCEP11/1/201712/31/2020$1,695,000.00
JTTI FY17Extending the Rapidly-Updating Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) to Three Dimensions for Whole-Atmosphere Situational Awareness and Analysis of RecordCurtis AlexanderNOAA/OAR/ESRL/GSD11/1/201710/31/2020$1,143,000.00
JTTI FY17Improving the prediction of subseasonal global rainfall variability through the use of a scale-adaptive stochastic physics suiteJian-Wen BaoNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD11/1/20178/31/2020$1,071,430.00
JTTI FY17Improving the use of dropsondes in NOAA operations (HWRF)Jason SippelAOML11/1/20179/30/2019$306,996.00
JTTI FY18Intelligent post-processing of convection-allowing model output to inform Weather Prediction Center outlooks and forecastsRuss SchumacherCooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere9/1/20188/31/2021$366,479.00
JTTI FY18Advancing ADCIRC U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Grids and Capabilities to Facilitate Coupling to the National Water Model in ESTOFS Operational ForecastingJoannes WesterinkUniversity of Notre Dame10/1/20189/30/2021$344,161.00
JTTI FY18Accelerated Implementation, Testing and Evaluation of Optimized Radar Data Assimilation Capabilities within Ensemble-Variational Hybrid GSI for the NOAA Convection-allowing rapidly updated Forecasting SystemYoungsun Jung, Ming Xue & Jeffrey Duda*University of Oklahoma - Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms; *University of Colorado - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences & *ESRL/GSD10/1/20189/30/2021$542,435.00
JTTI FY18Improving Convection-Permitting Ensemble Based Uncertainty Communication for Decision Support using the Weather Archive and Visualization Environment (WAVE)Julie Demuth, Melissa Petty & Jennifer Henderson*National Center for Atmospheric Research; *Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere; *University of Colorado - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences10/1/20189/30/2021$584,420.00
JTTI FY18Development and evaluation of extended range ensemble streamflow and water resources forecast products for the National Water ModelAndrew Wood & Bart NijssenNational Center for Atmospheric Research & University of Washington10/1/20189/30/2021$557,179.00
JTTI FY18Development and NWS Forecaster Evaluation of a Convective-scale Ensemble System for Probabilistic Heavy Rainfall and Severe Weather ForecastsNusrat Yussouf & Michael EricksonCooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies & Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences10/1/20189/30/2021$417,289.00
JTTI FY18Improving Hail Forecasts Through Operational Implementation of the HAILCAST Hail ModelRebecca Adams-Selin, Tara Jensen & Israel Jirak*AER; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *NWS10/1/20189/30/2021$229,943.00
JTTI FY18Improving the Quality of Water Forecasts via Bayesian Integration of Multiple Sources of Forecast InformationEdwin WellesDeltares10/1/20189/30/2021$404,363.00
JTTI FY18Implementation of an Accurate, Robust and Computationally Efficient Channel Routing Technique for the National Water Model (NWM)Ehab MeselheTulane University10/1/20189/30/2021$403,044.00
JTTI FY18Implementing convective storm statistics from a large reanalysis of WSR-88D data for model verification and forecasting probabilistic uncertaintyTravis SmithUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies9/1/20188/31/2021$591,848.00
JTTI FY18Inter-Office Collaboration Affecting Severe Weather Warning ServicesGregory Stumpf, Alyssa Bates, Darrel Kingfield, Chris Golden & Chen Ling*Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies; *Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences; *University of Akron10/1/20189/30/2021$236,795.00
JTTI FY18Implications of inconsistent visual displays on end user uncertainty, risk perception, and behavioral intentionsAndrew GrundsteinUniversity of Georgia10/1/20189/30/2021$178,203.00
JTTI FY18Improving Water Cycle Prediction in the National Water Model through Regional Calibration, Meteorological Forcing Improvements, and Coastal CouplingBrad Cardinale & Thomas JohengenCooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research10/1/20189/30/2021$549,408.00
JTTI FY18Making Sense of Uncertainty: Improving the Use of Hydrologic Probabilistic Information in Decision-MakingRachel CarrNurture Nature Center10/1/20189/30/2021$320,540.00
JTTI FY18Improving Operational Hail Prediction through Machine Learning from HREF and CAPS Storm-Scale Ensemble FV3 and WRF ARW Forecasts including Advanced MicrophysicsNathan Snook & David GagneUniversity of Oklahoma & National Center for Atmospheric Research10/1/20189/30/2021$395,772.00
JTTI FY18Representing agricultural management processes in the National Water ModelFei Chen & Kristie FranzNational Center for Atmospheric Research & Iowa State University10/1/20189/30/2021$546,706.00
JTTI FY18Development and testing of displacement data assimilationThomas NehrkornAER10/1/20189/30/2021$410,945.00
JTTI FY18Improving subseasonal water supply prediction across the Western United States through assimilation of remotely sensed snow cover, snow albedo, and snow water equivalent in the NOAA National Water ModelKarl Rittger, Aubrey Dugger & Edward Bair*University of Colorado; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *University of California - Santa Barbara10/1/20189/30/2021$412,419.00
JTTI FY18Assimilating Novel WSR-88D and GOES-16 Observations to Improve Convection-Allowing Model Forecasts of Convection Initiation and Severe WeatherDavid StensrudPennsylvania State University10/1/20189/30/2021$520,665.00
JTTI FY18Applying IBM Analytics to the Challenge of Broadcast DataKimberly Klockow-McClainCooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies10/1/20189/30/2021$462,121.00
JTTI FY18Communicating Forecast Uncertainty and Probabilistic Information: Experimenting with Social Observation Data in the Hazardous Weather TestbedCarol SilvaUniversity of Oklahoma10/1/20189/30/2021$519,638.00
JTTI FY18Calibration of Channel Properties to Improve Streamflow Estimates in the National Water ModelToby MinearUniversity of Colorado10/1/20189/30/2020$468,833.00
JTTI FY18Generating Operational Guidelines for Use of Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) with End UsersKodi Berry, Holly Obermeier & Kimberly Klockow-McClain*University of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies; *Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences10/1/20189/30/2021$384,391.00
JTTI FY18Advancing Frequently-Updating Storm-Scale Ensemble Data Assimilation and Prediction Towards OperationsCurtis AlexanderOAR/ESRL/GSD7/1/20186/30/2021$1,926,000.00
JTTI FY18VSAFE: Verification Services for Aviation Forecast EvaluationMatt WandishinNOAA/NWS/NCEP7/1/20186/30/2021$650,000.00
JTTI FY18Optimizing Geostationary Lightning Mapper Use in AWIPSScott RudloskyNESDIS/STAR7/1/20186/30/2021$1,240,955.00
JTTI FY18Using HYSPLIT ensemble dispersion modeling for forecasting applicationsBarbara Stunder & Alice CrawfordOAR/ARL7/1/20186/30/2022$433,500.00
JTTI FY18FACETs: Advancing physical and social science concepts toward operational implementation of Probabilistic Hazard InformationAlan GerardOAR/NSSL7/1/20186/30/2022$2,250,000.00
JTTI FY18 (NWS-STI)Adding TC Genesis Verification Capabilities to the Model Evaluation Tools - TC SoftwareDaniel HalperinEmbry - Riddle9/1/20188/31/2020$208,722.00
JTTI FY18 (NWS-STI)Development and Evaluation of new Statistical Calibration Methods for Multi-Model Ensemble Weeks 3-4 Probabilistic ForecastsNicolas Vigaud & Andrew RobertsonColumbia University9/1/20188/31/2020$377,187.00
JTTI FY18 (NWS-STI)The Impact of Ocean Resolution in the Unified Forecast System (UFS) on the subseasonal forecast of extreme hydrological eventsCristiana StanGeorge Mason University9/1/20188/31/2020$278,850.00
JTTI FY19Enhanced Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Dual-Polarization Radar Synthetic QPEStephen CocksUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies9/1/20198/31/2022$298,861.00
JTTI FY19Hazard Services: National Center EvolveNathan Hardin & Taylor TrogdonColorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere & ESRL/GSD9/1/20198/31/2022$472,010.00
JTTI FY19Development and Testing of a GSI-based Multi-Scale EnKF System for Convection-Allowing Stand-Alone Regional FV3Youngsun Jung & Ming XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20198/31/2022$402,481.00
JTTI FY19End User Understanding of Uncertainty in Higher Spatial and Temporal Hazardous Weather ForecastsDaphne LaDueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20198/31/2022$207,142.00
JTTI FY19Enhancing the variational bias correction method to support the assimilation of satellite all-sky infrared brightness temperaturesJason OtkinUniversity of Wisconsin - Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies9/1/20198/31/2022$473,954.00
JTTI FY19Advancing Forecast Verification Efforts for Unified Forecast System Advanced Physics Testing using Spatial Verification MethodsJason Otkin, Tara Jensen & Patrick Skinner*University of Wisconsin - Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *University of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies9/1/20198/31/2022$567,412.00
JTTI FY19Estimating Inundation Extent and Depth from National Water Model Outputs and High Resolution Topographic DataPaola PassalacquaUniversity of Texas - Austin9/1/20198/31/2022$371,879.00
JTTI FY19Enhancing the prediction of landfalling hurricanes through improved data assimilation with the GSI-based ensemble-variational hybrid system and JEDIZhaoxia PuUniversity of Utah & University of Miami9/1/20198/31/2022$311,299.00
JTTI FY19Laying the foundation for ensemble prediction and probabilistic hazard tool development for winter weatherHeather ReevesUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies9/1/20198/31/2022$382,376.00
JTTI FY19Enhanced tools for high-resolution ensemble development and verificationGlen RomineNational Center for Atmospheric Research9/1/20198/31/2022$571,997.00
JTTI FY19Advancing the Direct Assimilation of Radar Observations to Improve Convective Scale Numerical Weather Prediction through Optimizing the Combined Use of Static and Ensemble Covariances, the Additive Perturbations, and the Assimilation Frequency in the Hybrid EnVar and through Integration with JEDIXuguang WangUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20198/31/2022$523,163.00
JTTI FY20Use of Ocean Stability Data and Machine Learning to Improve Tropical Cyclone Situational Awareness and NHC Statistical-Dynamical Intensity GuidanceGalina Chirokova & Gregory FoltzCIRA/Colorado State University & NOAA/AOML9/1/20208/31/2022$398,639.00
JTTI FY20Generating Storm Surge Hazards using Hazard ServicesNathan Hardin & Taylor TrogdonCIRA/Colorado State University & NOAA/ESRL/GSL9/1/20208/31/2022$373,704.00
JTTI FY20Communicating Forecast Uncertainty and Probabilistic Information: Expanding and Embedding Social and Behavioral Data in National Weather Service OperationsJoseph RipbergerUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20208/31/2022$478,312.00
JTTI FY20Applications of METplus to Subseasonal Climate Outlooks, Multi-Model Ensembles, Process Studies, and ExtremesTara JensenNational Center for Atmospheric Research & NOAA/NWS/CPC9/1/20208/31/2022$487,858.00
JTTI FY20Deep Learning for Operational Identification and Prediction of Synoptic-Scale FrontsAmy McGovern & John AllenUniversity of Oklahoma & Central Michigan University9/1/20208/31/2022$333,952.00
JTTI FY20Integration of a road temperature analysis and forecast into NWS operationsHeather Reeves, Joshua Kastman & Kirstin HarnosCIMMS/University of Oklahoma & CIRES/University of Colorado9/1/20208/31/2022$336,861.00
JTTI FY20Generating calibrated forecast guidance for severe weather beyond day 1Russ SchumacherCIRA/Colorado State University9/1/20208/31/2022$433,209.00
JTTI FY20Expanding Chemical Data Assimilation System to Support NOAA Unified Forecast SystemYouhua Tang, Tianfeng Chai & Mariusz PagowskiCISESS/University of Maryland & CIRES/University of Colorado9/1/20208/31/2022$559,494.00
JTTI FY20Products to Guide Impact-Based Flash Flood Warnings in the National Weather ServiceHumberto VergaraCIMMS/University of Oklahoma & NOAA/OAR/NSSL9/1/20208/31/2022$570,664.00
JTTI FY20Winter Storm Severity Index: Improving Storm Readiness through Severity and Social Impact ForecastingRachel Hogan-CarrNurture Nature Center & East Carolina University9/1/20208/31/2022$244,044.00
JTTI FY200-3 hour tornado prediction using the Warn on Forecast System and machine learningNathan Snook & DJ GagneUniversity of Oklahoma & National Center for Atmospheric Research9/1/20208/31/2022$517,038.00
JTTI FY20Flow-dependent machine learning based post-processing of convection allowing ensembles to provide convective outlooks of severe weather hazardsAaron JohnsonUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20208/31/2022$488,851.00
JTTI FY20Improving land-surface flux partitioning in operational short range forecasts through integration of NOAA weather and water modelsDavid Gochis & Terra LadwigNational Center for Atmospheric Research & University of Colorado9/1/20208/31/2022$485,381.00
JTTI FY20Combining A Fuzzy Clustering Approach With the National Blend of Models (NBM) to Facilitate Scenario-Driven Products for Extreme WeatherBrian ColleStony Brook University9/1/20208/31/2022$237,929.00
JTTI FY20Enhancement of Radiation Coupling to Cloud Microphysics and Land Surface Properties for Global Weather PredictionsMichael Iacono & Greg ThompsonAER & National Center for Atmospheric Research9/1/20208/31/2022$496,287.00
JTTI FY21Enhancements to the RTE+RRTMGP Radiation Code in Support of NOAA Operational ForecastsEli MlawerAtmospheric and Environmental Research8/1/20217/31/2023$411,779.00
JTTI FY21Creating a probabilistic, ensemble-based approach to winter precipitation type for the National Blend of Models with the Spectral Bin ClassifierAndrew RosenowCIMMS/University of Oklahoma8/1/20217/31/2023$317,822.00
JTTI FY21Adapting machine learning-based convective hazard guidance to use the HRRR/RRFSRyan SobashNational Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20217/31/2023$575,846.00
JTTI FY21Unification and Improvements to Guidance for National Weather Service Tropical Cyclone Wind and Storm Surge Hazard ProductsAndrea SchumacherCIRA/Colorado State University8/1/20217/31/2023$353,327.00
JTTI FY21Direct Assimilation of GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) Data within JEDI Hybrid System for Operational UFS Convection-Allowing PredictionsMing Xue & Amanda BackUniversity of Oklahoma & CIRA/Colorado State University8/1/20217/31/2023$536,518.00
JTTI FY21Advancing Land Modeling Infrastructure in the UFS for Hierarchical Model DevelopmentRocky DunlapNational Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20217/31/2023$595,766.00
JTTI FY21Advancing the Use of Multivariate Object-Based Verification Methods in Regional-Scale ModelsJason OtkinCIMSS/University of Wisconsin8/1/20217/31/2023$381,882.00
JTTI FY21Advancing Ensemble Subseasonal Forecasting with Machine LearningJudah Cohen & Dara EntekhabiAtmospheric and Environmental Research & Massachusetts Institute of Technology8/1/20217/31/2023$599,781.00
JTTI FY21Implementation, Testing, and Evaluation of Radar Data Assimilation Capabilities within the JEDI Hybrid EnVar System for the Rapid Refresh Forecast SystemChengsi Liu & Jeffrey DudaUniversity of Oklahoma & CIRES/University of Colorado8/1/20217/31/2023$594,683.00
JTTI FY21Enhancing the Storm Prediction Center's Convective Outlook with Continuous Probabilities and Conditional Intensity ForecastsJoseph RipbergerUniversity of Oklahoma8/1/20217/31/2023$267,602.00
JTTI FY21Enhancing Feature Driven Evaluation of High Impact Hydrometeorology Events through METplusTara Jensen & Michael EricksonNational Center for Atmospheric Research & CIRES/University of Colorado8/1/20217/31/2023$426,644.00
JTTI FY21Medium-range excessive rainfall forecasts with machine learning modelsRuss SchumacherCIRA/Colorado State University8/1/20217/31/2023$338,943.00
JTTI FY21Leveraging artificial intelligence to statistically postprocess GEFS ensemble forecasts for Week 3-4 Outlooks of precipitation probabilities for the CPCRochelle WorsnopCIRES/University of Colorado12/1/202111/31/2023$370,119.00
JTTI FY21An Optimized Lake-Treatment Strategy for Improved Land-Surface Modeling and Weather Prediction in the Unified Forecast System (UFS)Andrew Gronewold, David Yates & Tatiana Smirnova*University of Michigan; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *CIRES/University of Colorado8/1/20217/31/2023$499,936.00
JTTI FY21Adapting and ingesting the operational National Blend of Models (NBM) product suite for use in the operational NOAA National Water ModelDavid GochisNational Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20217/31/2023$371,533.00
JTTI FY21Integration of Model Large-Scale Environmental Diagnostics for Tropical Cyclones into the MET-TC Verification PackageKate Musgrave & Paul KuceraCIRA/Colorado State University & National Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20217/31/2023$492,749.00
JTTI FY21Winter Storm Severity Index for AlaskaKirstin Harnos & Rachel Hogan CarrCIRES/University of Colorado & Nature Nurture Center8/1/20217/31/2023$192,594.00
JTTI FY21Improving numerical weather forecasting and S2S prediction with the NCEP Unified Forecast System through strongly coupled land-atmosphere data assimilation using JEDIZhaoxia PuUniversity of Utah8/1/20217/31/2023$334,693.00
JTTI FY21Diagnosing synoptic progressiveness forecast errors within the UFS MRWAGlen RomineNational Center for Atmospheric Research8/1/20217/31/2023$552,819.00
JTTI FY21Post-Processing of CMAQ forecast for Improving Air Quality PredictionsStefano Alessandrini & Irina DjalalovaNational Center for Atmospheric Research & CIRES/University of Colorado8/1/20217/31/2023$586,871.00
HWT FY15Convection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System for Prediction of Extreme WeatherGlen Romine & Michael ConiglioUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research & Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies9/1/20158/31/2018$247,208.00
HWT FY15Developing and Evaluating GSI-based EnKF-Variational Hybrid Data Assimilation for NCEP NAMRR to Improve Convection-Allowing Hazardouos Weather ForecastXuguang WangUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2019$247,445.00
HWT FY15Improving Initial Conditions and their Perturbations through Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Optimized Storm-Scale Ensemble Prediction in Support of HWT Severe Weather ForecastingMing XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2018$249,705.00
HWT FY15Information Extraction and Verification of Convection-Allowing Models for Severe Hail ForecastingIsrael JirakNational Weather Service - Storm Prediction Center9/1/20158/31/2018$209,065.00
HWT FY15Integration and Evaluation of ProbSevere within the Probabilistic Hazard Information (PHI) Tool in the Hazardous Weather TestbedKristin Calhoun, Wayne Feltz, Lans Rothfusz & Michael Pavolonis*University of Oklahoma; *University of Wisconsin - Madison Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies; *National Severe Storms Laboratory; *National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service9/1/20158/31/2018$226,829.00
HWT FY17Demonstration of a Rapid Update Convection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System to Improve Hazardous Weather PredictionGlen RomineNational Center for Atmospheric Research7/1/20176/30/2020$285,593.00
HWT FY17Integration of Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Azimuthal Shear into a CONUS Conditional Probability of Tornado Intensity Product in the Hazardous Weather TestbedMatthew Mahalik, Brandon Smith & Alan GerardUniversity of Oklahoma/Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies & National Severe Storms Laboratory7/1/20176/30/2020$149,151.00
HWT FY17Improving NWS Convection Allowing Hazardous Weather Ensemble Forecasts through Optimizing Multi-Scale Initial Condition (IC) PerturbationsXuguang WangUniversity of Oklahoma/Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies7/1/20176/30/2021$277,184.00
HWT FY17Evaluating stochastic physics approaches within select Convection Allowing Model (CAM) members included in the Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble (CLUE) during the Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT) Spring ExperimentJamie Wolff & Isidora JankovNational Center for Atmospheric Research & Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere7/1/20176/30/2020$297,391.00
HWT FY17Developing an objective evaluation scorecard for storm scale predictionTara JensenNational Center for Atmospheric Research7/1/20176/30/2020$298,703.00
HWT FY17Development and Optimization of Radar-Assimilating Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation for Storm-Scale Ensemble Prediction in Support of HWT Spring ExperimentsMing XueUniversity of Oklahoma - Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms7/1/20176/30/2019$290,837.00
HWT FY17Improving the design and utility to severe weather forecasters of convection permitting ensembles through application of a probabilistic object-based post-processing and verification techniqueAaron JohnsonUniversity of Oklahoma7/1/20176/30/2021$226,163.00
HWT FY19Using convective mode information for hazard prediction with convection-allowing modelsRyan SobashNational Center for Atmospheric Research7/1/20196/30/2022$731,555.00
HWT FY19Implementation and testing of stochastic perturbations within a stand-alone regional (SAR) FV3 ensemble using the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP)Jeff Beck & Jamie Wolff*Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere; *National Center for Atmospheric Research7/1/20196/30/2022$749,985.00
HWT FY19Improved Diagnosis of Severe Wind Occurrence through Machine LearningWilliam GallusIowa State University7/1/20196/30/2022$652,194.00
HWT FY19Improving National Weather Service Convection Allowing Hazardous Weather Prediction by Using a Cost-Effective Large Background Ensemble in a Regional FV3 Hybrid EnVar Data Assimilation SystemXuguang WangUniversity of Oklahoma7/1/20196/30/2022$685,223.00
HWT FY19Assessing Increased Vulnerability Knowledge and High Temporal Resolution Guidance on Forecaster and Emergency Manager Decision MakingJack Friedman & Daphne LaDueUniversity of Oklahoma7/1/20196/30/2022$698,293.00
HMT FY15Assessment of Gridded Hydrological Modeling for NWS Flash Flood OperationsLynn Johnson & James HalgrenColorado State University & Riverside Technology Inc.9/1/20158/31/2017$249,682.00
HMT FY15Demonstration of Advanced Ensemble Prediction Services for NWS Hydrometeorological Forecast OperationsDavid Gochis & Rob CifelliNational Center for Atmospheric Research & NOAA/OAR/ESRL9/1/20158/31/2017$249,999.00
HMT FY15Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor (MRMS) HMT-Hydro ExperimentJonathan GourleyUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies & NOAA/OAR/NSSL9/1/20158/31/2018$247,750.00
HMT FY15Storm-Scale Ensemble Prediction Optimized for Heavy Precipitation Forecasting in Support of the Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT)Ming XueUniversity of Oklahoma9/1/20158/31/2017$239,700.00
HMT FY15Validation and Improvement of Microphysical Parameterizations for Better Orographic Precipitation ForecastsDavid KingsmillUniversity of Colorado - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences9/1/20158/31/2018$249,702.00
HMT FY17Demonstration of a Rapid Update Convection-Permitting Ensemble Forecast System to Improve Flash Flood and Winter Weather PredictionGlen RomineNational Center for Atmospheric Research7/1/20176/30/2020$293,080.00
HMT FY17Convection-Allowing Ensemble Prediction for Heavy Precipitation in Support of the Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT): New QPF Products, Data Assimilation Techniques and Prediction ModelMing XueUniversity of Oklahoma7/1/20176/30/2019$289,961.00
HMT FY17Enabling Effective Use of Deterministic-to-Probabilistic Precipitation Forecasts for Heavy and Extreme EventsTara JensenNational Center for Atmospheric Research7/1/20176/30/2020$299,074.00
HMT FY17Improving Lake-Effect Snow and Ice Forecasting for the Great Lakes RegionPhilip ChuGreat Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL)7/1/20176/30/2019$299,091.00
HMT FY17Assessment of Hydrologic Forecasts Generated Using Multi-Model and Multi-Precipitation Product ForcingWitold KrajewskiUniversity of Iowa7/1/20177/31/2019$251,357.00
HMT FY17Comparison of Model versus Observationally-Driven Water Vapor Profiles for Forecasting Heavy Precipitation EventsJohn ForsytheColorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere7/1/20176/30/2020$267,429.00
HMT FY17Probabilistic Warn-on-Forecast System for Heavy Rainfall and Flash FloodingSteven Martinaitis & Jonathan GourleyUniversity of Oklahoma - Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies & NOAA/OAR/NSSL10/1/20179/30/2020$236,052.00
HMT FY17Quantifying Observational Requirements for WRF-Hydro Forcing in the West Using Russian River HMT Experience and Data to Inform National Water Center ToolsFred RalphUniversity of California - San Diego/CIMEC7/1/20176/30/2021$299,883.00
HMT FY19Advancing Probabilistic Prediction of High-Impact Winter Storms through Ensemble NWP and Post-ProcessingJustin Minder & James SteenburghSUNY Albany & University of Utah7/1/20196/30/2022$619,602.00
HMT FY19Improving Lake-Effect Snow Forecasting Capabilities via Advanced Coupling Techniques in NOAA's Unified Forecast System (UFS)Christiane Jablonowski & Philip ChuUniversity of Michigan - CIGLR & Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL)7/1/20196/30/2022$750,000.00
HMT FY19Enhancing CAM Ensemble Forecast System and Improving Ensemble Forecast Products in Support of HMT Winter Weather and Heavy Precipitation ForecastingKeith BrewsterUniversity of Oklahoma7/1/20196/30/2022$748,286.00
JHT FY15Probabilistic prediction of tropical cyclone rapid intensification using satellite passive microwave imageryChris RozoffUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies9/1/20158/31/2018$180,800.00
JHT FY15Improvements in Operational Statistical Tropical Cyclone Forecast ModelsGalina ChirokovaColorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere9/1/20158/31/2018$168,380.00
JHT FY15Improved Eyewall Replacement Cycle Forecasting Using a Modified Microwave-Based Algorithm (ARCHER)Anthony WimmersUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison/Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies9/1/20158/31/2018$80,299.00
JHT FY15Improvement and Implementation of the Probability-based Microwave Ring Rapid Intensification Index for NHC/JTWC Forecast BasinsHaiyan Jiang & Kate MusgraveFlorida International University & Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere9/1/20158/31/2018$187,494.00
JHT FY15Guidance on Observational Undersampling over the Tropical Cyclone LifecycleDavid Nolan & Eric UhlhornUniversity of Maryland & NOAA/OAR/AOML9/1/20158/31/2018$136,791.00
JHT FY15Passive Microwave Data Exploitation via the NRL Tropical Cyclone WebpageRichard BankertNaval Research Laboratory9/17/20159/30/2017$180,144.00
JHT FY15Improvement to the Tropical Cyclone Genesis Index (TCGI)Jason Dunion, Andrea Schumacher, John Kaplan & Josh Cossuth*University of Maryland; *Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere; *NOAA/OAR/AOML; *Naval Research Laboratory9/1/20158/31/2018$217,785.00
JHT FY15Transition of the Coastal and Estuarine Storm Tide Model to an Operatonal Model for Forecasting Storm SurgesKeqi ZhangFlorida International University9/1/20152/28/2019$268,399.00
JHT FY17Improvements and extensions to an existing probabilistic genesis forecast tool using an ensemble of global modelsRobert HartFlorida State University7/1/20176/30/2020$149,883.00
JHT FY17Improvements to Operational Statistical Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecast Models using Wind Structure and Eye PredictorsGalina Chirokova & John KaplanColorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere & NOAA/OAR/AOML8/1/20177/31/2020$174,265.00
JHT FY17Evolutionary Programming for Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Intensity ForecastsPaul RoebberUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee7/1/20176/30/2020$199,527.00
JHT FY17Ensemble-based Pre-genesis Watches and Warnings for Atlantic and North Pacific Tropical CyclonesRussell ElsberryUniversity of Colorado - Colorado Springs7/1/20176/30/2020$107,007.00
JHT FY17Transition of Machine-Learning Based Rapid Intensification Forecasts to OperationsAndrew MercerMississippi State University - Northern Gulf Institute7/1/20176/30/2020$203,373.00
JHT FY17Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using Satellite Passive Microwave ObservationsHaiyan JiangFlorida International University7/1/20176/30/2021$199,773.00
JHT FY19Transitioning Ensemble-based TC Track and Intensity Sensitivity to OperationsRyan Torn, Sim Aberson & Jason Dunion*SUNY Albany; *NOAA/OAR/AOML; *University of Miami7/1/20196/30/2022$176,758.00
JHT FY19Upgrades to the M-PERC and PERC Models to Improve Short Term Tropical Cyclone Intensity ForecastsDerrick HerndonUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison/Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies7/1/20196/30/2021$90,526.00
JHT FY19Further improvements and extensions to the tropical cyclone logistical guidance for genesis (TCLOGG)Robert Hart & Daniel HalperinFlorida State University & Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University7/1/20196/30/2022$344,991.00
SSM FY18Improving National Water Model Snowmelt Runoff PredictionGuo-Yue Niu & Michael BarlageUniversity of Arizona & National Center for Atmospheric Research9/1/20188/31/2021$671,432.00
SSM FY18Evaluation and diagnosis of National Water Model simulations over CONUS using a novel snow reanalysis datasetKonstantinos AndreadisUniversity of California - Los Angeles9/1/20188/31/2021$573,314.00
SSM FY18Implementing Snow Data Assimilation Capabilities for the National Water Model and Experimental Assimilation of JPSS Observations of Snow Water EquivalentYu Zhang & Cezar KongoliUniversity of Texas - Arlington & University of Maryland9/1/20188/31/2021$635,887.00
SSM FY18Use of MRMS-derived hydrometeor classification for determining initial hydrometeor phase in the National Water ModelHeather Reeves, Mimi Hughes & David Gochis*University of Oklahoma; *Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences; *National Center for Atmospheric Research9/1/20188/31/2021$449,680.00
SSM FY18Experimental Framework for Testing the National Water Model: Operationalizing the Use of Snow Remote Sensing in Alaska Katrina Bennett, Vladmir Alexeev & Aubrey Dugger*Los Alamos National Laboratory; *New Mexico Consortium; *University of Alaska Fairbanks; *Research Applications Lab10/1/20183/1/202010/1/201810/1/201811/30/20192/28/20229/30/20218/31/2021$669,687.00
SSM FY19Evaluation and Improvement of Snowmelt Processes in the National Water Model During Extreme Atmospheric River Events in the Western U.S. EventsMartin RalphScripps Institute - UCSD9/1/20198/31/2021$500,000.00
SSM FY19Modernizing Observation Operator and Error Assessment for Assimilating In-situ and Remotely Sensed Snow/Soil Moisture Measurements into NWMMing Pan, Nathaniel Chaney, Clara Draper & Craig Ferguson*Princeton University - CIMES; *Duke University; *University of Colorado - CIRES; *SUNY Albany9/1/20198/31/2021$499,957.00
SSM FY19Improving Snow and Streamflow Simulation in the National Water Model by Leveraging Advanced Mesonet Observations from the Northeastern United StatesJustin Minder, David Gochis & Theodore Letcher*SUNY Albany; *National Center for Atmospheric Research; *USACE CRREL9/1/20198/31/2021$492,552.00
SSM FY19Airborne Snow Depth Retrieval for Improved Hydrological ModelingEmily ArnoldUniversity of Kansas9/1/20198/31/2021$499,926.00
Infrasound FY16Augmentation of VORTEX-SE Intensive Observations Period Measurements with Infrasound Observations to Detect and Track TornadoesCarrick TalmadgeUniversity of Mississippi10/1/201612/31/2017$249,697.00
Infrasound FY16Direct detection of tornadoes using Infrasound remote sensing: assessment of capabilities through comparison with dual polarization radar and other direct detection measurementsHank Rinehart & Kevin KnuppGeneral Atomics & University of Alabama - Huntsville10/1/20169/30/2018$243,272.00
Infrasound FY17Evaluation and Improvements of Tornado Detection using Infrasound Remote Sensing: Comparative Analysis of Infrasound, Radar, Profiler, and Meteorological Data Sets, and Potential Impacts on NOAA/NWS OperationsHank Rinehart & Kevin KnuppGeneral Atomics & University of Alabama - Huntsville10/1/20179/30/2019$249,932.00
Infrasound FY17Infrasound Detection of TornadoesRoger WaxlerUniversity of Mississippi9/1/201712/31/2019$249,765.00
Infrasound FY18Identification of the Fluid Mechanisms Associated with Tornadic Storm InfrasoundBrian ElbingOklahoma State University9/1/20188/31/2021$271,478.00
Infrasound FY18Infrasound Detection of Tornadoes (FY18)Roger WaxlerUniversity of Mississippi9/1/20188/31/2021$499,686.00
Infrasound FY18Prediction and Measurement of Infrasound Propagation in the Turbulent AtmosphereSteven MillerUniversity of Florida9/1/20188/31/2020$499,901.00
Infrasound FY19Study of Infrasound Propagation from Tornadic Storms in Dynamic Atmospheres over Hilly TerrainRoger WaxlerUniversity of Mississippi9/1/20198/31/2021$343,740.00
Infrasound FY19Modeling of Infrasound Generation from Tornadic StormsRoger WaxlerUniversity of Mississippi9/1/20198/31/2021$499,737.00
Infrasound FY19Infrasound Observations and Demonstration of Real-Time ToolsBrian ElbingOklahoma State University9/1/20198/31/2021$499,907.00
Infrasound FY19Understanding the infrasound characteristics of nontornadic and tornadic supercells in VORTEX2 and VORTEX-SE environments using high-resolution ensemble simulationsMatthew ParkerNorth Carolina State University9/1/20198/31/2021$347,198.00
AQ FY15Rapid refreshing of anthropogenic NOx emissions through assimilated fused satellite and ground observationsPius LeeNOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20155/30/2016$141,000.00
AQ FY15Toward a Unified National Dust Modeling Capability: Data AssimilationMariusz PagowskiNOAA/OAR/ESRL & Colorado State University - Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere6/1/20155/30/2016$147,000.00
AQ FY15Kalman-filter/Analog Predictions of Surface PM2.5: Research to OperationsIrina DjalalovaUniversity of Colorado6/1/20155/30/2016$140,148.00
AQ FY15In-Line Coupling of NMMB and CMAQ Models through NCEP�s ESMF: Proof of Concept for Dust ForecastingRichard ArtzNOAA/OAR/ARL6/1/20155/30/2016$146,388.00
AQ FY15Toward a Unified National Dust Modeling CapabilityGeorg GrellNOAA/OAR/ESRL6/1/20155/30/2016$249,632.00
AQ FY16Post-Processing of CMAQ Air Quality Predictions: Research to OperationsIrina DjalalovaNOAA/OAR/ESRL/PSD & CIRES/University of Colorado6/1/20165/31/2019$387,450.00
AQ FY16A Novel Ensemble Design for PM2.5 Probabilistic Predictions and Quantification of their UncertaintyLuca MonacheNational Center for Atmospheric Research6/1/201612/31/2019$449,249.00
AQ FY16Developing a unified online air quality forecasting system based on CMAQ and NGGPSGeorg GrellNOAA/OAR/ESRL6/1/201612/31/2019$442,343.00
AQ FY16Towards the Improvement of Chemical Lateral Boundary Conditions for the NAQFCZhining Tao, Huisheng Bian & Daniel Tong*Universities Space Research Association; *NASA Goddard & *University of Maryland6/1/20165/31/2020$431,855.00
AQ FY16Top-down Estimation of Wildfire Smoke Emission Based on HYSPLIT Model and NOAA NESDIS GOES Aerosol/Smoke Products to Improve Smoke Forecasts in the USTianfeng ChaiUniversity of Maryland6/1/20165/31/2020$335,805.00
AQ FY16Improving Spatial Resolution of Wildland Fire Location and Fuel Biomass Data Inputs to NOAA�s NAQFCStacy DrurySonoma Technology Inc.6/1/20165/31/2018$149,966.00
AQ FY19A novel method for improving fine particulate matter air quality forecasts during wildfiresRajesh KumarNational Center for Atmospheric Research6/1/20195/31/2022$584,732.00
AQ FY19Towards Optimal Configurations of NAQFC Chemistry and Aerosol RepresentationsYang Zhang & Daniel TongNortheastern University (previously North Carolina State University) & George Mason University6/1/20195/31/2022$749,999.00
AQ FY19Development of the National Global Data Assimilation Ensemble-based System for Forecasting of AerosolsMariusz PagowskiCIRES - University of Colorado6/1/20195/31/2022$627,501.00
AQ FY19NAQFC Community Emission Testbed (NCET): Accelerating anthropogenic emission updates for NAQFC FV3-CMAQ through community collaborationBok Baek & Daniel TongGeorge Mason University (previously University of North Carolina) & George Mason University6/1/20195/31/2022$727,209.00
APAR FY17Airborne Phased Array Radar (APAR) Development and Risk Mitigation ProjectVanda GrubisicNational Center for Atmospheric Research10/1/20173/31/2019$2,340,875.00
APAR FY182019 - 2020 Airborne Phased Array Radar (APAR)Vanda GrubisicNational Center for Atmospheric Research10/1/20189/30/2021$4,800,000.00
APAR FY192020 Airborne Phased Array Radar Preliminary Design and Risk MitigationVanda GrubisicNational Center for Atmospheric Research10/1/20199/30/2020$1,327,600.00
ESPC FY17Building a Distributed Earth System Model evelopment Community Cecelia DeLucaCIRES & NOAA ESRL10/1/20179/30/2018$318,000.00
ESPC FY17Critical Steps toward a National Global Ocean Modeling Capability in Support of ESPCRobert HallbergGFDL10/1/20179/30/2018$187,000.00
ESPC FY18Critical Steps Toward a National Ocean Modeling Capability in Support of the National Earth System Prediction Capability Phase IIRobert HallbergGFDL10/1/20189/30/2019$300,000.00
ESPC FY19Preliminary Steps Toward a National Ocean Modeling Capability in Support of the National Earth System Prediction Capability - Phase IIIRobert Hallberg & Eric ChassignetGFDL & Florida State University10/1/20199/30/2020$370,000.00
ESPC FY20Preliminary Steps Toward a National Ocean Modeling Capability in Support of the National Earth System Prediction Capability - Phase IVRobert Hallberg & Eric ChassignetGFDL & Florida State University10/1/20209/30/2021$260,000.00
ESPC FY20Impact of the western boundary currents on extreme precipitation: A case study in the Atlantic Ocean from along-transect measurements and highresolution model simulations.Shenfu DongAOML8/1/20207/31/2021$188,400.00
USWRP R2O FY15Probability of What? Understanding and Conveying Uncertainty through Probabilistic Hazard ServicesAlan GerardOAR/NSSL5/1/20154/30/2018$1,572,600.00
USWRP R2O FY15Automated High-Resolution Ensemble-Based Hazard Prediction ToolCurtis AlexanderOAR/ESRL/GSD5/1/20154/30/2018$2,250,000.00
SSP FY16Hazards SEES Type 2: Next Generation, Resilient Warning Systems for Tornados and Flash Floods, SupplementBrenda Philips & Joseph TrainorUMass - Amherst & University of Delaware9/1/201612/31/2019$99,986.00
SSP FY16Guidelines for Expressing Uncertainty in Impact Decision Support Service Products Supplement to NSF award "Improving Public Response to Weather Warnings.Susan JoslynUniversity of Washington9/1/20165/31/2020$100,001.00
SSP FY16Advancing Social and Behavioral Science Research and Application within the Weather EnterpriseN/ANational Academy of Sciences3/8/20163/7/2018$650,000.00
SSP FY17An Examination of the State of Knowledge on Risk Perceptions and Understanding Response to Uncertainty InformationTerri AdamsHoward University8/1/201712/31/2019$87,649.00
SSP FY17Alliance for Integrative Approaches to Extreme Environmental EventsKim Klockow-McClain & Kelvin DroegemeierUniversity of Oklahoma & Alliance5/1/20175/31/2020$50,000.00
SSP FY18Estimating the Economic Benefits of the Tornado Warning Improvement and Extension ProgramKimberly KlockowOU/CIMMS & Austin College10/1/20189/30/2020$400,000.00
SSP FY18A Web Based Survey to Estimate the Economic Value of Improved Hurricane ForecastsAOML/LetsonCIMAS10/1/20189/30/2020$400,000.00
SSP FY18Estimating the Value of Economic Resiliency Created By Weather ForecastsHaydar KurbanHoward University10/1/20189/30/2021$400,000.00
SSP FY18Joint Project: Social Media Message Amplification and Attentional NetworksJeannette Sutton & Carter ButtsUniversity of Kentucky & UC Irvine10/1/20189/30/2021$99,974.00
SSP FY18NSF title: Hazards SEES Type 2: Hazard Prediction and Communication Dynamics in the Modern Information EnvironmentRebecca MorssNCAR4337444469100589
SSP FY19NSF title: RAPID: Responding to the Risk of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: Choices and Adjustment Over TimeRoxane SilverUC - Irvine4349744228$103,340.00
SSP FY19 (IFAA)Wait, that forecast changed? Assessing how publics consume and process changing tropical cyclone forecasts over timeWong Parodi, Rebecca Morss & Leysia PalenStanford University4364744377$55,133.00
SSP FY19 (IFAA)Optimizing Tropical Cyclone Information: An NOAA Hurricane Website User Experience Study from a Public PerspectiveScott MilesUniversity of Washington4364744377$191,450.00
SSP FY19 (IFAA)Minding the gap: Modernizing the TC product suite by evaluating NWS partner information needsRebecca Morss & Ann BostromUniversity Center for Atmospheric Research4364744377$383,131.00
SSP FY19 (IFAA)There's a Chance of What? Assessing Numeracy Skills of Forecasters, Partners, and Publics to Improve TC Product Uncertainty Communication, IDSS, and TrainingJoseph Ripberger, Carol Silva, Hank Jenkins-Smith & Edward CokelyUniversity of Oklahoma4364744377$381,827.00
SSP FY20Accelerating Development of the US Extreme Weather and Society Survey SeriesJoseph Ripberger, Carol Silva, Hank Jenkins-Smith & Edward CokelyUniversity of Oklahoma4401344469$569,606.00
SSP FY20Examining the public's changing risk assessments and responses to tropical cyclone forecasts using a longitudinal survey methodologyJulie Demuth & Rebecca MorssNational Center for Atmospheric Research4407544804$239,912.00
SSP FY20Threats in Motion (Taller TIM)Sylvia MurphyGSL4410544834536307.65
SSP FY20Weather Ready Research: A Special Initiative of the Natural Hazards Center Quick Response Research ProgramLori PeekUniversity of Colorado - Boulder4407544804$562,580.00
SSP FY20Social Data StrategyAlice GrossmanWeather Program Office4407544469636478
SSP FY21Dynamic Communication of Weather Risk: A User-Centered Design ApproachSharanya Majumdar, Kenneth Broad, Alberto Cairo, Scotney Evans, Barbara Millet & Rebecca MorssUniversity of Miami & NCAR4440945138$496,965.00
SSP FY21Using Quick Response Surveys to Generate a Public Perception and Response DatabaseBrenda Phillips & Vankita BrownUMass - Amherst4440945138$396,855.37
SSP FY21Employing Rhetoric to Improve Probabilistic Forecast CommunicationKathryn Lambrecht & Lynda OlmanArizona State University4440945138$485,382.00
SSP FY21Operationalizing Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS) for a Broader Impact Across Cultures and Weather EventsLeticia Williams, Terri Adams, Vankita Brown & Rosa FitzgeraldHoward University4440945138$362,880.66
SSP FY21Improving the Effectiveness of IDSS For Severe Convective Weather and Flood EventsDaphne LaDue, Cassandra Shivers-Williams & Dereka CarrollUniversity of Oklahoma & Jackson State University4440945138$393,607.00
SSP FY21Developing, Testing, and Evaluating Methods for Transitioning the Brief Vulnerability Overview Tool (BVOT) to NWS Weather Forecasting Office OperationsJack Friedman & Daphne LaDueUniversity of Oklahoma4440945138$470,053.00
SSP FY21Establishing the Extreme Weather and Emergency Management SurveyJoseph Ripberger, Carol Silva, Hank Jenkins-Smith, Scott Robinson, Andrew Fox & Warren EllerUniversity of Oklahoma4440945138$487,583.00
SSP FY21Improving Knowledge about NWS Forecaster Core Partner Needs for Reducing Vulnerability toCompound Threats in Landfalling Tropical Cyclones Amid Covid-19Jennifer Henderson & Erik NielsonTexas Tech University & Texas A & M University4440945138$420,353.00
SSP FY21Salient, Interactive, Relevant, Confidence, and Action (SIRCA): Using Virtual RealityStorm Surge Simulations to Increase Risk Perception and Prevention BehaviorsSun Joo, AhnJill Gambill & Matthew BrowningUniversity of Georgia & Clemson University4440945138$499,931.00
SSP FY21Examining Regional Differences in Attitudes and Tendencies for Protective ActionDecisionsCassandra Shivers-Williams, Daphne LaDue, Lara Mayeux & Terri AdamsUniversity of Oklahoma & Howard University4440945138$461,416.00
CTB FY18A Hybrid Statistical-Dynamical System for the Seamless Prediction of Daily Extremes and Subseasonal to Seasonal Climate VariabilityDan CollinsNOAA/CPC433139/31/2021302000
CTB FY18A New Technique for Improved MJO PredictionChidong Zhang & Wanqiu WangNOAA/PMEL & NOAA/CPC4331344043$280,011.00
CTB FY18Operational transition of novel statistical dynamical forecasts for tropical subseasonal-to-seasonal driversStephen Baxter & Carl SchreckNOAA/CPC & North Carolina State University4331344408$259,674.00
CTB FY18Sensitivity of NMME Seasonal Predictions to Ocean Eddy Resolving Coupled ModelsBenjamin Kirtman & Robert BurgmanUniversity of Miami - RSMAS & Florida International University4331344408$338,721.00
CTB FY18Skillfully Predicting Atmospheric Rivers and Their Impacts in Weeks 2-5 Based on the State of the MJO and QBOElizabeth BarnesColorado State University4331344773190259
CTB FY18Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction with NCAR�s CESM2-WACCMJadwiga Richter, Dan Collins & Judith Perlwitz*UCAR; *NOAA/CPC; *NOAA/ESRL/PSD4331344408$338,951.00
CTB FY18Testing, refinement and demonstration of probabilistic multi-model, calibrated sub-seasonal global forecast productsAndrew Robertson & Dan CollinsColumbia University & NOAA/CPC4331344773$340,000.00
CTB FY20Improving NCEP GEFS for Subseasonal ForecastsXin-Zhong Liang & Yuejian ZhuUniversity of Maryland & NOAA/EMC4404444773$500,000.00
CTB FY20Accelerating Progress in Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Capabilities by Improving Subgrid-Scale Parameterizations in the Unified Forecast SystemBenjamin Green & Vijay Tallapragada*CIRES/University of Colorado; *NOAA/ESRL/GSL & *NOAA/EMC4404444773$475,601.00
CTB FY20Developing and Assessing Storminess Indices for Monitoring and Predicting Subseasonal Variations in Storminess near AlaskaEdmund Kar-Man Chang & Wanqiu WangStony Brook University & NOAA/CPC4404444773$373,906.00
CTB FY20ENSO-MJO Diagnostics in an Energetic FrameworkCristiana Stan, Zeng-Zhen Hu & Avichal Mehra*George Mason University; *NOAA/CPC; *NOAA/EMC4404444773$450,267.00
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Improving CPC's Empirical Forecast ToolsDavid DeWittCPC4370944104$160,000.00
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Supporting Real-Time Climate Monitoring at CPCArun KumarCPC4370944439$320,000.00
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Probabilistic Drought OutlookKingtse MoCPC4370944074$160,000.00
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Improving Dissemination and Usability of CPC Drought Products and Services via GIS Related MethodsAdam AllgoodCPC4370944074$175,000.00
S2S FY18 SLADevelopment of Fire Weather Related 8-14 Day Forecast Products for CPCThomas Hamill & David DeWittESRL/PSD/CPC4328244377$600,000
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Climate Information for Global Heat-Health and Malaria in AfricaWassila ThiawCPC4373944104$175,000.00
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Incorporate Coastal Data into Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT) for Regional and Local Decision SupportMichael ChurmaOSTI/MDL4364744012$150,000.00
S2S FY19 SLA (cont)Application of the National Water Model for Drought Monitoring and NowcastingDavid DeWitt, Robert Webb & Ed Clark*CPC; *PSD; *OWP4371044074$400,000.00
S2S FY19 SLAExtending the temporal range for aviation wind guidanceMatthew RosencransCPC4373944469$400,000.00
S2S FY19 SLAImproved Guidance for Week 3-4 Temperature and Precipitation OutlooksMichael AlexanderPSD4364744012$200,706.00
S2S FY19 SLAIncorporating Weather Extremes Analysis Capabilities into Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT)Michael ChurmaOSTI/MDL4383144196$160,000.00
S2S FY19MJO and QBO Contributions to U.S. Precipitation Skill at S2S LeadsElizabeth Barnes, Juliana Dias & Stephan TulichColorado State University & University of Colorado - CIRES4370944804$671,254.00
S2S FY19S2S Forecasting of North American Precipitation Anomalies: Using Empirical Forecasts to Challenge Dynamical ForecastsDavid RandallColorado State University4370944804$619,702.00
S2S FY19Benefits of stochastic parameterization on the sub-seasonal to seasonal timescales in hindcasts with CESM and UFSJudith Berner & Philip PegionUCAR/CGD & CU - CIRES/PSD4370944804$860,281.00
S2S FY19Diagnosing and Improving Unified Forecast System precipitation through observationally constrained stochastic parameterizationsPrashant SardeshmukhCIRES - University of Colorado4370944804$843,554.00
S2S FY19Assessment and calibration of extreme precipitation probabilities in S2S forecast modelsChiara LeporeColumbia University - LDEO4370944804$272,026.00
S2S FY19Ensemble Prediction and Predictability of Extreme Weather via Circulation RegimesDavid Straus, Kathleen Pegion & Stephen BaxterGeorge Mason University4370944804$696,763.00
S2S FY20 SLAImproving CPC�s Empirical Forecast Tools (Continuation Project)Stephen BaxterNWS/NCEP/CPC4407544439$148,000.00
S2S FY20 SLADevelopment of Fire Weather Related 8-14 Day Forecast Products for CPCThomas M. HamillNOAA/ESRL/PSD4401344377$180,000.00
S2S FY20 SLASupport real-time climate monitoring at Climate Prediction Center (CPC)Arun KumarNWS/NCEP/CPC4407544439$148,000.00
S2S FY20 SLAImproved Guidance for Week 3-4 Temperature and Precipitation OutlooksMichael Alexander & Matthew NewmanPSD4401344377$180,000.00
S2S FY20 SLAExtending the temporal range for aviation wind guidanceMatthew RosencransCPC, AWC & CWSU4410544469$179,998.00
S2S FY20 SLAClimate Information for Heat-Health and Malaria Risk Mapping in AfricaWassila ThiawCPC4410544469162000
S2S FY20 SLAIncorporating Weather Extremes Analysis Capabilities into LCATMichael Churma & Judy GhirardelliMDL4419744561144000
S2S FY20 SLANWS Snow Drought Tracker - Research to OperationsAndrea BairWRCC440754443964200
S2S FY20 SLAExtending Maritime Hazard Information to Week Two and BeyondDarin FigurskeyOPC/CPC/EMC4407544439$153,000.00
S2S FY20 SLAStatistically generated Probabilistic Sea Ice Guidance for the week 3 to Seasonal Time Scale using an Ensemble approach Based upon various Model inputsEugene PetrescuACCAP440134437740000
S2S FY20 SLAConsumptive Use Modeling in the Colorado River Basin for CBRFCPaul MillerCBRFC440754443939798
S2S FY20 SLAUnderstanding and Modeling Variability of Flows in the Upper Colorado River Basin at 2 to 5 Year Timescales for Improved Water Resources ManagementPaul MillerCBRFC4407544439100000
S2S FY20High-Resolution Large-Ensemble Probabilistic Forecasts of Precipitation for the Northwestern USChidong ZhangPMEL4404444408340134
S2S FY20An optimized hybrid seasonal forecast system for U.S. regional precipitation in late-summer to mid-fall based on inter-basin SST and convection parametersSang-ki LeeAOML/HRD4404444408204400
S2S FY20Using high-resolution simulations (LES and CAM) from field experiments to improve physics parameterizations for medium-range and sub-seasonal forecastingJoseph OlsonGSL4404444408241735
Obs FY19Real-time Observations of the Three-Dimensional Hurricane Boundary Layer Winds and Ocean Surface Vector Winds with an Imaging Airborne ProfilerZorana Jelenak, Paul Chang & Stephen Guimond*UCAR; *University of Maryland Baltimore County; *NESDIS4370944439$499,280.00
Obs FY19Enhancing Observations of Melting Level to Support Forecasts of Rain-Snow Partitioning in the Sierra NevadaFred Ralph & Andrew Martin*Scripps Institute, *UCSD; *Portland State University4370944439$499,999.00
Obs FY19Toward Obtaining Daily Vertical Profiles of Boundary Layer Temperature and Moisture Fields using Small Unmanned Aircraft SystemsTemple Lee & Bruce BakerUniversity of Oklahoma/Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies & ARL4370944439$488,958.00
Obs FY19Operational Implementation of Near-Real Time High-Temporal Resolution Thermodynamic RetrievalsTimothy WagnerUniversity of Wisconsin - CIMMS4370944439$284,262.00
Obs FY19Lower-Tropospheric Thermodynamic and Wind Profiling Impact StudyTammy WeckwerthNational Center for Atmospheric Research4370944439$497,830.00
Obs FY19Diode-Laser-Based Remote Sensing for Thermodynamic Profiling of the Lower TroposphereKevin Repasky & Scott SpulerMontana State University & National Center for Atmospheric Research4370944439$487,420.00
EPIC FY19UFS community modeling supportArun Chawla, Rusty Benson, Jeff Whitaker & Tom Clune*EMC; *GFDL; *ESRL/PSD; *NASA4361744104$2,167,000.00
EPIC FY19Accelerating the UFS Evaluation CapabilityIvanka Stajner, Geoff Manikin & Tara Jensen*EMC; *NCAR; *RAL4363144104$750,000.00
EPIC FY19Coupled Ensemble Prediction and Data Assimilation for UFSJeffrey S. Whitaker & Thomas HamillESRL/PSD4364744104$444,238.00
EPIC FY19Convection Allowing Model Ensembles optimal configuration for short and longer time scales and Multigrid Background Error Covariance ModelCurtis Alexander, Jacob Carley; Nusrat Yussouf, Yunheng Wang, Isidora Jankov & Youngsun Jung *GSD; *EMC; *CIMMS/OU/NSSL; *CIRA/NOAA/ESRL/GSD; *CAPS/OU4370944104$705,135.00
EPIC FY19Land Data Assimilation for the UFSJeffrey Whitaker, Robert Cifelli & Clara DraperESRL/PSD & University of CO/CIRES4364744104$713,707.00
EPIC FY19Enhancing the Development of Land Models as a Full Component of the Coupled SystemElena Shevliakova EMC - GFDL4364744104$350,000.00
EPIC FY19Development of process-level parameterizations of model uncertainty in the GFS/GEFSJeffrey S. Whitaker & Jian-Wen Bao ESRL/PSD4370944104$185,828.00
EPIC FY19Coupling Infrastructure Integration and User Support for UFS (review pages 11-13)Cecelia DeLucaGSD/CIRES4358644104364500
EPIC FY19Improving tropical boundary layer structure and cloud systems at all scalesJoseph Olson & Georg GrellGSD4358644104$200,000.00
EPIC FY19Improving the microphysics parameterization in high-resolution FV3GFS nested modelingsystem for tropical cyclone predictionsS. G. Gopalakrishnan & Xuejin ZhangAOML/HRD4355644104$236,642.00
EPIC FY19Physics and improved vertical resolution for improving hurricane prediction and tropical convection in GFSLucas HarrisGFDL4364744104$236,642.00
EPIC FY19Medium-range to S2S prediction at convective scalesLucas HarrisGFDL4364744104$236,642.00
EPIC FY20UFS R2O Project: Modeling InfrastructureRocky DunlapNCAR  $287,500.00
EPIC FY20UFS R2O and JCSDA in-kind: Improved CRTM for UV and passive microwave hydrometeor impacted radiance simulationKevin GarretNESDIS/STAR  225000
EPIC FY20UFS R2O and JCSDA in-kind: MER/S2S Data Assimilation Reanalysis and ReforecastsDaryl KleistEMC  $175,000.00
EPIC FY20UFS R2O and JCSDA in-kind: MER/S2S Data Assimilation Reanalysis and ReforecastsJeffrey WhitakerPSL  $700,000.00
EPIC FY20UFS Community Modeling Support ProjectArun Chawla, Rusty Benson, Jefferey Whitaker & Tom Clune*EMC; *GFDL; *PSL; *NASA  $1,432,070.00
EPIC FY20JCSDA OAR/EPIC Program Supported Projects on JEDI, Observations, CRTM, Applications, DOFThomas Auligne, Philip Gibbs, Katherine Shanahan, Yannick Tremolet, Dick Dee, Ben Johnson, Hui Shao & Guillaume VernierresUCAR/JCSDA4392244286$1,600,000.00
EPIC FY20UFS Community Modeling Support Project: Contributions to the CICE ConsortiumAnthony Craig & Arun ChawlaSTC Contractor/EMC4398344347$148,000.00
EPIC FY21Enhancements to CRTM/CSEM microwave ocean emissivity and BRDF modelsKevin Garrett & Ming ChenNESDIS/STAR & CISESS4434844712$120,000.00
EPIC FY 21UFS Community Modelling Infrastructure, code management at EMC,GFDL,PSL & STIArun Chawla, Rusty Benson, Jefferey Whitaker, Anthony Craig & Farida Adimi*EMC; *GFDL; *PSL; *STC4434844712$1,723,000.00
EPIC FY 21UFS Senior Advisor - Jointly funded (WPO and OSTI) UFS Advisory position supporting the UFS CommunityWPO EPIC PM & OSTI PMWPO/OSTITBDTBD$150,000.00
EPIC FY 21NOAA Support for the Earth System Modeling Framework Core TeamRocky DunlapNCAR4434844712$287,500.00
EPIC FY 21UFS-R2O Reanalysis and Reforecast project at EMCDaryl Kleist & Arun ChawlaEMC4434844712$175,000.00
EPIC FY 21UFS-R2O Reanalysis and Reforecast project at PSLSergey Frolov & Steve PennyOAR/PSL4434844712$797,760.00
EPIC FY 21Developmental Testbed Center transition to EPIC contractLigia Bernardet & Georg GrellOAR/GSL4434844712$300,000.00
EPIC FY 21Developmental Testbed Center transition to EPIC contractLigia Bernardet & Mike EkGSL & DTC4431744805$300,000.00
EPIC FY 21JCSDA EPIC Funded ProjectsThomas Auligne & Philip GibbsUCAR/JCSDA4428744651$1,600,000.00
EPIC FY 21JCSDA Weather Portfolio Funded ProjectsThomas Auligne & Philip GibbsUCAR/JCSDA4428744651$528,000.00
EPIC FY 21OAR Cloud Incubator Project Infrastructure & Consultation SupportTristan DietzOAR/ACIO4437844742$150,000.00
EPIC FY 21OAR Cloud Incubator Projects (14 projects) - Weather PortfolioPIs/co-PIs from OAR Labs/Programs & Cooperative InstitutesMembers from OAR Labs & Programs & cooperative institutes4437844742$400,000.00
EPIC FY 21UFS-R2O Shortfall at GSLCurtis Alexander & Georg GrellGSL4437844742$254,000.00
EPIC FY 21Expanding numerical algorithms and community capabilities in FV3Lucas HarrisGFDL4440944772$225,000.00
EPIC FY 21EPIC Contract Community Infrastructure, Advanced User Support and Community EngagementPeter Plofchan & Marlon JohsonRaytheon Intelligence & Space4437744741$6,329,762.00
USWRP Base FY17Application and Evaluation of the Finite-Volume Cubed Sphere Model (FV3) at Convection-Allowing Scales for Severe Weather ForecastingAdam Clark*NOAA/NSSL;*OU/CIMMS;*NWS/SPC4291743281$305,000.00
USWRP Base FY17OAR Hurricane Moving NestSundararaman Gopalakrishnan & Frank MarksAOML/HRD4291743281$250,000.00
Obs FY17 BAAAirborne Phased Array Radar (APAR) Development and Risk Mitigation ProjectRobert AtlasBrian DahlW-C LeeNOAA/OAR/AOMLCIMASNCAR4288743251$75,000.00
S2S FY17 BAAMaintenance and Development of the Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S) Database and Tools in IRI Data LibraryAndrew RobertsonColumbia University4364744104$173,235.00
HPC FY18HPC Support for OARWilliam B. (Trey) Breckenridge III & Whitley AlfordMississippi State University4337444834$1,2000,000.00
S2S FY19 NMMEContinuation of the North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME Phase-2): Development, Operation and Seasonal Prediction ScienceBen Kirtman & Andrew RobertsonUniversity of Miami & Columbia University4337444469$463,451.00
S2S FY19 SubXExtending the Real-Time Multi-Model Sub-Seasonal Predictive CapabilityBen Kirtman & Kathy PegionUniversity of Miami & George Mason University4367844469$175,000.00
SSM FY19 NWMDeveloping New Capabilities and Research Applications for the National Water Model Over the Southeastern USJamie Dyer & Andrew MercerMississippi State University4370944439$1,477,676.00
HPC FY19HPC Support for OAR, Phase IIIWilliam B. (Trey) Breckenridge IIIMississippi State University437394519911,000,000.00
PGC FY20Leveraging GEFSv12 Reforecasts to Improve National Blend of Models Precipitation ForecastsThomas HamillNOAA/PSL4398344408$194,877.00
PGC FY20Identifying physical processes responsible for tropical UFS errors and their relation to UFS week 2-4 precipitation predictability in the western USJuliana Dias, Elizabeth Thompson, Shan Sun*NOAA/PSL; *NOAA/GSL; *CIRES4401344367$240,077.00
PGC FY20High-Resolution Precipitation Reanalysis (HRPR)Jian Zhang, Micheal Simpson & Kenneth Howard*NOAA/NSSL; *NOAA/GSL; *OU/CIMMS4398344347$321,050.00
PGC FY20 ESPCImpact of the western boundary currents on extreme precipitation: A case study in the Atlantic Ocean from along-transect measurements and high-resolution model simulations.Shenfu Dong, Gregory Foltz & Ulises RiveroNOAA/AOML4401344377$188,400.00
PGC FY20 S2SA Proposal to NOAA/OAR and WPO Internal FY20 NOAA Solicitation - Innovative Research for the Precipitation Prediction Grand ChallengeChidong Zhang, Yolande Serra, Nicholas Bond & Cliff Mass*NOAA/PMEL; *PMEL/JISAO; *UW ATMO4398344347$340,134.00
PGC FY20 S2SAn optimized hybrid seasonal forecast system for U.S. regional precipitation in late-summer to mid-fall based on inter-basin SST and convection parametersSang-Ki Lee, H. Lopez, G.R. Foltz, R C. Perez & M. AlexanderNOAA/AOML & NOAA/PSL4398344347$204,400.00
PGC FY20 S2SUsing high-resolution simulations (LES and CAM) from field experiments to improve physics parameterizations for medium-range and sub-seasonal forecastingJoseph Olson & Shan SunNOAA/GSL4401344377$241,735.00
Fire Wx S2SFire Weather Prediction and Associated Hazards to Support Decision-making Across Time ScalesJennifer Mahoney, Ariel Stein & Robin Webb*NOAA/GSL; *NOAA/ARL; *NOAA/PSL4437844742$600,000.00
Obs FY21A New Global 4-km Multi-Decadal Snow Cover Extent/Snow Water Equivalent/Snow Depth Dataset from Blended In-situ and Satellite ObservationsPeter Romanov & Cezar KongoliCity College of New York (NOAA-CESSRT) & ESSIC (University of Maryland)4440945138$482,666.00
Obs FY21Analysis and OSEs of UAS observations for improved high impact weather forecastsNusrat YussoufCIMMS (University of Oklahoma)4440945138$574,312.00
Obs FY21Anonymization, Bias Correction, and Assimilation of Smartphone Pressure Observations for Use in Numerical Weather Prediction in NOAAClifford MassUniversity of Washington4440945138$571,452.00
Obs FY21Autonomous Measurements of Air-Sea Interaction from Saildrones for Improved Hurricane Intensity PredictionDongxiao Zhang & Jun ZhangCICOES (University of Washington) & CIMAS (University of Miami)4440945138$599,545.00
Obs FY21Development and Demonstration of a Low-Cost, Standalone Mode S EHS Aircraft Derived Atmospheric Observation System for Enhanced Weather ForecastingMichael McPartland & Jason EnglishMIT Lincoln Laboratory & CIRES (University of Colorado)4440945138$599,580.00
Obs FY21Development and Deployment of a Sea Clutter Class within the Operational WSR-88D Hydrometeor Classification AlgorithmJames KurdzoMIT Lincoln Laboratory4440945138$413,345.31
Obs FY21Employing a combined observation and simulation- based framework to investigate spatiotemporal variability in urban heat and associated heat advectionSandip PalTexas Tech University4440945138$335,981.00
Obs FY21Employing Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Improve Situational Awareness and Operational Physics Routines Used to Predict Tropical Cyclone Structure and IntensityJun ZhangCIMAS (University of Miami)4440945138$598,355.00
Obs FY21Evaluating Impact of In-situ Observations from Dynamically Targeted Long-Range Long-Duration BalloonsAndrey SushkoWindborne Systems Inc.4440945138$433,771.58
Obs FY21High-impact Observations for Enhancing Great Lakes Snowfall ForecastingClaire PettersenUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison4440945138$557,260.00
Obs FY21Improvement in NOAA Winter Weather Operations using In Situ Mesonet ObservationsJerald BrotzgeUniversity at Albany - SUNY4440945138$559,933.00
Obs FY21Improving Analysis and Communication of Extreme Temperatures Across the New York City Metropolis Using a Dense Network of In Situ ObservationsNick BassillUniversity at Albany - SUNY4440945138$594,105.00
Obs FY21Improving Flood Inundation Mapping Using UAS-Based Optical ImageryJamie DyerMississippi State University4440945138$591,582.00
Obs FY21Improving Quality Control of Multi-Radar Multi-Sensor Products from Non-Meteorological Radar Data ArtifactsJeff BrogdenCIMMS (University of Oklahoma)4440945138$561,398.00
Obs FY21Observation of Sea Level Air Pressure and Directional Wave Spectra from Innovative Expendable Drifting BuoysLuca CenturioniUniversity of California - San Diego4440945138$599,213.00
Obs FY21Particle Imaging and Ceilometer Observations for Snowfall Properties and Blizzard ParametersNorman Wood & Aaron KennedyUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison & University of North Dakota4440945138$457,635.00
Obs FY21Rapid Floodwater Extent and Depth Measurements Using Optical UAV and SARLeila Hashemi-BeniNC Agricultural & Technical State University4440945138$473,615.00
Obs FY21Uncrewed aircraft observations to characterize the land surface and its interaction with the lower atmosphere in areas of complex terrain for improved prediction of water and weatherGijs de BoerCIRES (University of Colorado)4440945138$599,889.00