Fiscal YearProject TitlePrincipal Investigator(s)Principal Investigator AffiliationAward NumberProject Start DateProject End DateTotal Allocation
JTTI FY20Products to Guide Impact-Based Flash Flood Warnings in the National Weather ServiceHumberto Vergara JJ GourleyCIMMS/University of Oklahoma; NOAA/OAR/NSSLNA20OAR45903549/1/20208/31/2022$570,664.00
JTTI FY20Applications of METplus to Subseasonal Climate Outlooks, Multi-Model Ensembles, Process Studies, and ExtremesTara Jensen Melissa OuNational Center for Atmospheric Research; NOAA/NWS/CPCNA20OAR45903469/1/20208/31/2022$487,858.00
JTTI FY20Expanding Chemical Data Assimilation System to Support NOAA Unified Forecast SystemYouhua Tang Mariusz PagowskiCISESS/University of Maryland; CIRES/University of ColoradoNA20OAR4590351 NA20OAR45903529/1/20208/31/2022$559,494.00
JTTI FY20Enhancement of Radiation Coupling to Cloud Microphysics and Land Surface Properties for Global Weather PredictionsMichael Iacono Greg Thompson gthompsn@ucar.eduAER; National Center for Atmospheric ResearchNA20OAR4590362 NA20OAR45903639/1/20208/31/2022$496,287.00
JTTI FY20Improving land-surface flux partitioning in operational short range forecasts through integration of NOAA weather and water modelsDavid Gochis Terra LadwigNational Center for Atmospheric Research; University of ColoradoNA20OAR4590359 NA20OAR45903609/1/20208/31/2022$485,381.00
JTTI FY20Combining A Fuzzy Clustering Approach With the National Blend of Models (NBM) to Facilitate Scenario-Driven Products for Extreme WeatherBrian ColleStony Brook UniversityNA20OAR45903619/1/20208/31/2022$237,929.00
JTTI FY20Use of Ocean Stability Data and Machine Learning to Improve Tropical Cyclone Situational Awareness and NHC Statistical-Dynamical Intensity GuidanceGalina Chirokova Gregory FoltzCIRA/Colorado State University; NOAA/AOMLNA20OAR45903539/1/20208/31/2022$398,639.00
JTTI FY20Generating Storm Surge Hazards using Hazard ServicesNathan HardinCIRA/Colorado State University; NOAA/ESRL/GSLNA20OAR45903449/1/20208/31/2022$373,704.00
JTTI FY20Generating calibrated forecast guidance for severe weather beyond day 1Russ SchumacherCIRA/Colorado State UniversityNA20OAR45903509/1/20208/31/2022$433,209.00
JTTI FY200-3 hour tornado prediction using the Warn on Forecast System and machine learningNathan Snook DJ GagneUniversity of Oklahoma; National Center for Atmospheric ResearchNA20OAR4590356 NA20OAR45903579/1/20208/31/2022$517,038.00
JTTI FY20Flow-dependent machine learning based post-processing of convection allowing ensembles to provide convective outlooks of severe weather hazardsAaron JohnsonUniversity of OklahomaNA20OAR45903589/1/20208/31/2022$488,851.00
JTTI FY20Deep Learning for Operational Identification and Prediction of Synoptic-Scale FrontsAmy McGovern dramymcgovern@gmail.com John Allen allen4jt@mich.eduUniversity of Oklahoma; Central Michigan UniversityNA20OAR45903479/1/20208/31/2022$333,952.00
JTTI FY20Integration of a road temperature analysis and forecast into NWS operationsHeather Reeves Joshua KastmanCIMMS/University of Oklahoma; CIRES/University of ColoradoNA20OAR4590348 NA20OAR45903499/1/20208/31/2022$336,861.00
JTTI FY20Winter Storm Severity Index: Improving Storm Readiness through Severity and Social Impact ForecastingRachel Hogan-Carr Burrell MontzNurture Nature Center; East Carolina UniversityNA20OAR45903559/1/20208/31/2022$244,044.00
JTTI FY20Communicating Forecast Uncertainty and Probabilistic Information: Expanding and Embedding Social and Behavioral Data in National Weather Service OperationsJoseph RipbergerUniversity of OklahomaNA20OAR45903459/1/20208/31/2022$478,312.00