We Fund Research to Improve Your Weather Forecast

We work closely with federal agencies and entities, state and local governments, academia, and the private sector to develop and transition weather research.

Our close partnership with the National Weather Service allows us to fund projects that improve knowledge about tropical cyclones, severe storms, extreme precipitation, air pollution, and social science—and to integrate weather, water, and climate forecasting and mitigation.


Cultivating, funding, and transitioning collaborative weather research that results in accurate and actionable weather information for all.


Innovative Science Powering a Weather-Ready Nation

Core Values


We adhere to the highest scientific, personal, and professional standards.

Inclusive Innovation

We welcome a wide diversity of experiences, knowledge, and ideas to drive open-science solutions.


We value collaborative approaches and transparent communications across WPO and with our partners.

Social Stewardship

We ensure everything we do is geared towards benefiting society.


We achieve high-quality research outcomes to measurably advance the NOAA mission.


Driving collaborative weather research to develop and transition products and services that provide accurate and actionable weather information for all.

Our Vision

A Weather Ready Nation
powered by innovative research.

Organizational Chart

Management and Administration

Carmen Davila, Division Chief

The Management and Administration Division manages and oversees budget formulation and execution, human resources, organizational, and administrative functions for the office. The Division manages and oversees property, contracts and grants as well as coordinates all funding competitions in partnership with FPOs across WPO, advises WPO on innovative funding opportunities, communicates funding opportunities to the weather research community, and tracks budgetary execution of awards.

Science, Technology, and Society

Gina Eosco, Division Chief

The Science, Technology, and Society Division represents an interdisciplinary set of WPO programs, including the Social Science Program, Testbed Program, and Joint Technology Transfer Initiative. Together, this Division ensures that research and development projects are useful, usable, and utilized through codevelopment and transitioning research into operations, applications, and knowledge.

Earth System Research and Modeling

Jessie Carman, Division Chief

The Earth System Research and Modeling Division supports innovative research and model development to increase knowledge of the Earth system and improve weather prediction. It covers time scales ranging from mesoscale/synoptic through subseasonal and seasonal with intiatives in extreme weather patterns including fire weather, atmospheric rivers, and drought. The division works with external partners and internally-funded projects to improve NOAA’s Unified Forecast System (UFS) and its predictive skill. We harness the power of open science to enhance the UFS infrastructure and advance earth system prediction capabilities through the Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) with a partnership of the Weather Enterprise (government, industry, and academia).

Operations and Research Support

Segayle Thompson, Acting Division Chief

The Observations and Research Support Division advances observations-related weather research and provides support functions for evaluating the WPO portfolio and management of major programs and projects. Programs in this division include Phased Array Radar (PAR), Observations Sea Grant Conversion, Research Transitions, Disaster Relief Supplemental Act (DRSA), and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).