We Fund Research to Improve Your Weather Forecast

The Weather Program Office funds research to improve weather forecasts, save lives, and reduce property damage. We work throughout the Weather Enterprise to foster research that can be transitioned into operational weather forecasts so the public can be better prepared for weather phenomena.

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WPO is Reviewing Submitted Proposals

We are looking to fund research to advance weather forecasting

We solicited proposals for four grant competitions for our FY23 Notice of Funding valued at approximately $13.5 million per year for the following competitions: 

  • Innovations for Community Modeling 
  • Observations 
  • Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBES)
  • Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment in the United States (VORTEX-USA; inclusive of VORTEX-Southeast).

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News at the Weather Program Office

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Webinar: FY23 Notice of Funding Opportunity

WPO recently held a webinar hosted by the NOAA Central Library on the FY23 Notice of Funding Opportunity. Our Program Managers spoke in detail about about this year’s competitions for Observations, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Innovations for Community Modeling, and VORTEX-USA. We also shared tips on how to write a…

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Funded Projects

New Research funded in Fiscal Year 2022