Jessie Carman
Jessie Carman

Jessie carman

Division Chief – Earth System Research and Modeling

Jessie Carman is the Division Chief for Earth System Research and Modeling Division at the Weather Program Office (WPO), which includes the EPIC program and synoptic through seasonal modeling research. She also manages the Subseasonal to Seasonal research program with the goal of furthering earth system research for improved prediction capability to support the nation’s decisions.

Jessie is also a coordinator working with the Interagency Council for Advancing Meteorological Services, furthering the federal prediction capability across scales from local weather to global climate.

Prior to joining WPO, Jessie had a career in meteorology/oceanography with the United States Navy, with work ranging from bathymetric survey, maritime forecasting of weather to teaching. Jessie completed her undergraduate and graduate work at Harvard, with a focus on oceanography and underwater acoustics, and a BA in Physics, MS and PhD in Applied Physics.