Melissa Pratt-Zossoungbo WPO
Melissa Pratt-Zossoungbo

Melissa Pratt-Zossoungbo

Strategy and Evaluation Manager

Melissa Pratt-Zossoungbo is the Strategy and Evaluation Manager for the Weather Program Office (WPO). She leads a team that manages, secures, and expends resources and services needed to efficiently and effectively run WPO. She directs and performs all administrative functions that include human resource management, budget and finance, and management and program analysis.

Melissa was previously the Budget Formulation Team Lead for the OAR Formulation and Congressional Analysis Division (FCA) at NOAA where she provided oversight, communication, and scientific information to Congress to secure financial resources for OAR. Prior to joining the FCA in 2010, Melissa was a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow and spent a year working in Budget Formulation at National Ocean Service.

Melissa has a Master’s degree in Coastal Sciences-Marine Botany from the University of Southern Mississippi, an Undergraduate degree in Marine Science from Gordon College and holds a Master’s Certificate in Federal Financial Management from Graduate School USA.  

Melissa spent two years in Benin, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism and speaks fluent French. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys camping and hanging out outdoors with her daughters, Coralyn and Beatrice, and her husband, Gaston.