Segayle Thompson
Segayle Thompson, PhD

Segayle Thompson

Acting Division Chief – Observations and Research Support

Segayle Thompson is the Acting Division Chief for the Observations and Research Support Division in the Weather Program Office (WPO). She has been serving as the project manager for the Phased Array Radar Acquisition project under the Observations Program in WPO. She manages the scope, budget, and schedule of the PAR related activities across various line and staff offices including Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), National Weather Service (NWS), and Acquisition and Grants Office (AGO). She communicates across line offices to help the coordination of this high level agency priority.

Prior to this role, Segayle served as the Special Assistant to OAR’s Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator (DAA) for Programs and Administration (DAA P&A). In this role she worked with other front office staff to ensure the DAA P&A was prepared for meetings. During this detail assignment, Segayle also reviewed incoming documents for completeness and accuracy, prioritized response times and actions, and tracked and reported on the status of the Controlled Correspondence Unit within the new platform, Enterprise Correspondence System (ECS). 

Since 2020, Segayle has supported the Strategic Management Team (SMT) in Formulation and Congressional Analysis (FCA) with the OAR scientific laboratory and program evaluations. During this time, she worked with the OAR laboratory and program staff and leaders to plan and organize successful reviews. Prior to FCA, Segayle supported WPO as the Hurricane and Disaster Supplemental Coordinator. In this role, she successfully coordinated 38 projects across NOAA. She also collaborated with others to ensure the obligation of funds, coordinated and managed project reviews, and prepared executives for NOAA Program Management Council briefings. 

Before her NOAA career, Segayle was an adjunct professor at Howard University where she taught graduate level Atmospheric Science courses in addition to undergraduate Physics and Astronomy courses. Segayle served as a visiting scientist in the Department of Defense and has also conducted postdoctoral research in the Mesoscale Modeling Group at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), in Greenbelt, MD. 

Segayle is an alumna of Howard University, where she obtained her PhD in atmospheric science with a focus on mesoscale modeling and data assimilation. Her Bachelors of Science in Meteorology is from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA. In her spare time, Segayle enjoys spending time with her family, crafting with her Cricut, and dancing.