Earth Prediction Innovation Center


by Leah Dubots, WPO Pathways Intern

EPIC Community Workshop Particpants

The Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) will accelerate community-developed scientific and technological advancements into the operational applications for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) by supporting a Unified Forecast System (UFS) community model. NOAA is working closely with entities in the weather enterprise (public, private, and academic) to inform the planning, development, and strategy for EPIC. To engage the community and inform the next-steps for the EPIC Program, NOAA’s Weather Program Office (WPO) hosted the EPIC Community Workshop at the University of Colorado, Boulder University Memorial Center from August 6-8, 2019. The objectives of the workshop were to co-create a vision for EPIC to accelerate the transition of research to operations; share the current status and future of community-based Earth System Modeling; understand NOAA’s developmental process of EPIC and create shared next steps in the development of EPIC; and identify emerging technologies for Earth System Modeling.

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