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Triple S Presentations

Participants at the Workshop were encouraged to provide their feedback about EPIC, the Workshop, and reflection questions by using a Twitter hashtag and a Google Form called the “Triple S.” Data collected from the “Triple S,” Twitter, and recorder notes was analyzed to inform Session VI: “Strategy, Summary and Recommendations” on Day Three presented by several of the Workshop Planning Committee Members. 

Triple S Presentation One

​Triple S Presentation Two

​Triple S Presentation Three

​Triple S Presentation Four

​Triple S Presentation Five

Speaker Presentations

Members of the EPIC Community Workshop Planning Committee drafted a potential community-developed EPIC vision and mission statement based on presentations, question and answer sessions, and breakout group discussions at the Workshop.

Auligne, Thomas

Carr, Kinter

Carroll, Tim

Chassignet, Eric

Chen, Shuyi

Davis, Chris

Lapenta, Bill

Mahoney, Jennifer

Mass, Cliff

Nance, Louisa

Pawson, Steven

Rood, Richard

Vosper, Simon