Ice storm damage in central Oklahoma. Image Credit NOAA NSSL & Casey Tarp.

The 2022-23 Winter Weather Experiment

In support of the ongoing mission to improve National Weather Service (NWS) products and services for winter weather, the Hydrometeorology Testbed (HMT) within the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) will conduct 12th annual Winter Weather Experiment (WWE) during the 2022-2023 winter season. The WWE provides an immersive collaborative research to operations (R2O) experience bringing together members…

VORTEX radar image

The Finish Line: JTTI Runs NOAA Internal Competition to Transition Matured Research into NWS Operations

The lack of continued support for projects that are near completion creates a backlog of usable resources that cannot be fully incorporated into operations. The NWS Office of Science and Technology indicated that this backlog impedes the growth and progress of NWS operations which reduces the benefit of forecast improvements for the public. WPO chose to work towards resolving this issue by holding a NOAA internal funding competition.

Phased Array Radar Inside Dome.

Phased Array Radar

Over the past 20 years NOAA/OAR, industry, and academia have made significant advancements on Phased Array Radar (PAR) research, development, and technology for weather surveillance and other applications. Because of these advancements, PAR is a leading contender in the solution for replacing the legacy NEXRAD system.

Earth Image from space

NOAA National Earth System Prediction Capability Executive Steering Group Signs Major Charter Update

The National Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC) Project Office, located in the OAR Office of Weather and Air Quality, recently held the National ESPC’s Executive Steering Group (ESG) meeting on 18 April, 2016.  The National ESPC’s mission is to create a suite of numerical prediction systems supporting decisions across weather and decadal time scales by…