Acquisition Management Specialist

Shannon A. Simmons Acquisition Management Specialist Shannon Simmons is an Acquisition Management Specialist with NOAA’s Weather Program Office, providing advice, guidance and training on acquisition systems, policies, procedures, and programs. Shannon also serves as a Contracting Officer Representative (COR) providing overall contract management, oversight and monitoring of contract performance. Additionally, she serves as the primary…

Harish Vasudevan

Budget and Financial Analyst

Harish Vasudevan Harish Vasudevan Budget and Financial Analyst Harish is a Cherokee Nation Business contractor in the NOAA Weather Program supporting WPO and its programs through analysis of budget expenditure and revenue components as a Budget/Financial Analyst. Prior to joining NOAA, Harish worked in the Books division at The National Geographic Society, in Washington D.C.,…

Kristina Kiest WPO

Communications Lead

Kristina earned her B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and her M.P.S. (Master of Professional Science) in Tropical Marine Ecology from the University of Miami.

Levi Matthews

Budget Analyst

Levi Matthews is originally from Wilmington, Delaware. He joined the United States Army on September 8, 1987 and left the military in 1995 in which he had careers as a Missile Launcher and Finance Specialist. In 2003, Levi decided to further his education at the Seattle Central Community College. He completed his Associates of Arts…

Claudia Womble

Contracting Officer Representative

Additionally, Claudia is a graduate of Federally Employed Women’s First Mentoring Program cohort (2022); Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Certificate at the Executive Level (2022), NOAA’s premier leadership succession program, Leadership Competencies Development Program (2021)and Asian American Government Executive Network (AAGEN) Senior Executive Service Career Development Program (2018).  She is…

Tamara Battle

Policy & Partnerships Lead

Prior to NOAA, Tamara spent five years at the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a Science Assistant with the Division of Graduate Education (DGE) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP), and Science Analyst within the Division for Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET) assisting with data analytics and science communication. Tamara has a B.S. in…

Melissa Pratt-Zossoungbo WPO

Administrative Officer

Melissa has a Master’s degree in Coastal Sciences-Marine Botany from the University of Southern Mississippi, an Undergraduate degree in Marine Science from Gordon College and holds a Master’s Certificate in Federal Financial Management from Graduate School USA.   Melissa spent two years in Benin, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in sustainable agriculture and…